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It is incredibly difficult to watch a loved one suffer from Alzheimer's. Researchers are working hard every day to find a cure, and we pray that one will be found in our lifetime. No family should have to go through this type of pain. Memory problems often start out small and then become progressively more severe. Many times, families find that they can no longer care for their loved ones in their homes safely and effectively. This certainly does not mean that they do not love their family member. It is a very unselfish decision since they are doing everything possible to find the very best care for the person they love. If you are trying to find ‘elderly care near me’ in the greater Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, area, we want you to know that Pacific Sunrise Home is here to help. 

We know that this is a very difficult time for your family, and the number of decisions that you need to make can sometimes seem overwhelming. However, we have also seen the incredible peace that families find once they know for sure that they have found the right Alzheimer's living assistance for their loved one. For some people, having professional help at home occasionally is the right fit, especially if they are in the early phases of this disease. Others need full-time care at our beautiful, live in facility. Our team is here to help you every step of the way, and we will talk with you often to evaluate the treatment plan and find out how we can help even further.

You can start researching elderly care near me’ today by heading to our site, www.pacificsunrisehomes.com. Our pages are packed with information about your options available through Pacific Sunrise Home. Please contact us at your convenience to learn more about our services or schedule an Alzheimer's living assistance consultation.